nour·ish (transitive verb) 1. give food to somebody or something

2. support or foster something 3. help something develop

Opening Reception
September 18
5-6pm Members Preview
6-7pm General Admission
Free for Members/$5 for NonMembers

The Napa Valley has become synonymous with beautiful terrain and a lifestyle that includes fine dining, stellar wines and welcoming hospitality. Living and working here offers a unique sense of place and with it, a risk of becoming insular. But by representing a part of our culture that is often unseen or unnoticed, we gain new perspectives on where we live and how we connect on a local and global level. Nourish is both a reflection and reminder that art continues to have an important place at the table when it comes to the daily production of dining. As the line between the culinary and visual arts is blurring, the space both artists and chefs share is nourishment.

Like a surreptitious waiter or cutlery aligned for service, what is often overlooked is how the visual arts are assimilated in the culture that surrounds the dinner table.

There is an historical tie between art and gastronomy that ranges from the symbolic representations of Dutch Still Life painting to current artist practices around sustainability and the environment. Artists and chefs continue to satiate, expand, and ignite our imaginations by defying the limits of material restrictions. With molecular gastronomy, chefs transform dinner into a conceptually driven experience while artists like Liz Hickok and Deborah Oropallo use food sustenance and the conventions of dining as materials and metaphors in their work.

Curator’s statement:

“ As an artist living in the Napa Valley for twenty-five years, I have had a dual professional life. In addition to a committed studio practice, I have worked nearly every position in restaurants, as a prep chef for an iconic catering company and currently teach at the Culinary Institute of America. These experiences have afforded me a unique perspective that has illuminated the perpetuating influence between the two industries and on my own work.

With Nourish, I want to offer a new perspective about where I live and celebrate the beauty, strength and relativity of the arts as a vital source of daily nourishment. I believe in the power of painting and all the arts to bring meaning to our lives and sustain us.“   Nancy Willis